Fireday, 22 Gozran, 4716AR

I am pleased to report that I am lycanthropy free. Apparently my subconscious is still somewhat annoyed at Ce Me No for enjoying the implantation of my fleshgem spikes too much. After my body was wracked in the transformation, taking on the aspect of a large wolf, Jhod’s initial attempt to remove the curse failed. The wolf lurched to its feet, snapping at Ce Me No. Ce Me No was able to dodge to the side at the last possible second. The rest of the party was able to return me to unconsciousness with the application of magic missiles. Once I went down again, Jhod’s second attempt to remove the curse proved successful, and my body returned to its original form.

A good night’s rest, some healing, and an atonement spell left me feeling my old self. Still, in the future we will make sure to note the location of any growths of belladonna. The possibility of future lycanthrope encounters in the Green Belt cannot be ignored. A supply of the plant will make us better equipped to deal with the possible fallout. In the event others do suffer the affliction, I will volunteer my services to Jhod. Holding victims down firmly will allow Jhod to remove their curses without the threat of it being passed on to others.

Following this happy outcome, we resumed our explorations today. Nishi remained at the Temple of Erastil to help Jhod with his slow but steady efforts to refurbish the temple. We headed back in the direction of our encounter with the trolls, finishing our exploration of the area. Based on the multiple sightings of a unicorn between the two bridges, we have named the north bridge “Unicorn Bridge,” and the road between it and the southerly bridge “Unicorn Run.” The south we have dubbed “Morrigan’s Bridge” in her honor. The river that runs alongside the run is separate from the Phlox River. Tōgg has convinced us to name it The River Kwai. I do not recognize the name, and assume it must be a syllable of some mystic importance to his people. At the end of our explorations today, we have set up camp for the night near the bridge. We shall see if any more trolls wish to test our mettle this night…


fluffybnny saprilovic

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