Sunday, 24 Gozran, 4716AR

Made it safely back to Oleg’s this morning. As ever, they seemed happy to see us. We had them send on a claim to the Swordlords in Brevoy regarding the bounty for curbing the local kobold unrest. The treasures of the mites and the cowardly “kobold” shaman proved lucrative. All told, we each netted 1,177 gold crows, five silver links and four copper bits. We intend to put our proceeds to good use. We intend to spend 9 days at Oleg’s, toughening ourselves with Kesten and having Tōgg craft – in particular he has gained the insight necessary to improve the magical bracers I am wearing. Afterwards we will head back out to try and go south and close out our explorations of the area assigned to us in our charter.


fluffybnny saprilovic

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