Fireday, 6 Desnus, 4716AR

After a welcome undisturbed night’s rest yesterday night, we headed due south. We traversed the eastern edge of area near the Sootscale tribe’s lair, making some final notes. We then arrived in an open prairie that was home to about 15 more wild horses (B16). Finding little else of note, we then back tracked to the west to check on the unexplored area there.

When we arrived, we found a great number of small mounds dotting the prairie (B17). The air itself seemed thick and somewhat strange. Though Tōgg and I were able to shake off whatever magical influence hangs about the place, Morrigan was not so fortunate. She immediately prostrated herself and began praying in the tongue sometimes used by Perlivash and Tyg-Tittertut. As it turns out, the area is a fey burial ground, and the magic placed on it is apparently powerful indeed. After putting up a sign in both Common and Goblin warning travelers to keep out out of respect, we attempted to leave. Morrigan would not hear of it, as the compulsion magicks had a strong grip on her. In the end, I had little choice but to grab hold of her, sling her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and begin carrying her towards Jhod’s temple. She kicked and fought the entire way, even expending her entire magical arsenal trying to get me to stop. Fortunately, my grip proved skilled enough to frustrate her, so in the end she could do little but pound her fists against my back and posterior. I am loathe to admit that I enjoyed it as much as I did, which is almost certainly much more than I should have.

When we finally arrived at the Temple it was nearly sunrise. After Jhod woke, we informed him of Morrigan’s plight. He did his best to free her from the compulsion, but his magicks proved inadequate. As such, we will have to wait here until tomorrow, when he can then make a second attempt. Tōgg in the meantime has agreed to enchant my travelling cloak with some protective dweoners. As for me, there is nothing I can do but use the time to pray, update this journal, and continue restraining Morrigan. I hope Falayna will not judge me too harshly for continuing to enjoy it far too much. Perhaps at least the fact that I am fasting during this ordeal will help offset the ignominy.

While I might end the slightly unseemly or even illicit grapple by incapacitating her, it seems likewise unseemly to intentionally injure one’s future sovereign. And since some might ask exactly how I have updated this journal if I need to continue grappling her? I confess, the press of my thighs has proved entirely equal to the task, and even now she continues to try to beat against my hips and stomach in a vain effort to free herself. And again, I am enjoying this way too much, and am heartily sorry for that fact.


fluffybnny saprilovic

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