Sunday, 8 Desnus, 4716AR

At last, we are free to resume our labors. Jhod was finally able to free Morrigan from her compulsion. The magicks proved powerful indeed, so we should probably double the warning signs so that others do not unwittingly fall under the compulsion. I am curious to learn who might have cast such spells, though I can hardly disagree with their intent. It is well and good for burial sites to remain as undisturbed and sacred as possible.

Since we would have had to backtrack considerably to resume our exploration in the same place, we instead opted to travel southwest through the woods. The deep woods at the southwest corner of our charter (C1) proved home to one mysterious thing of note. A giant boulder had been cracked in two – by what I cannot say. But the interior proved home to a considerable amount of quartz deposits. As such, we have made a note of the location, as a source of quartz could prove quite useful. We have made camp for the night, but have made note of the sound of some large and dangerous creature to the southeast. Morrigan informs us that the creature must be an owlbear. Based on her other knowledge regarding the danger posed by the animal, we mean to track and kill it in the morning.


fluffybnny saprilovic

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