Toilday, 10 Desnus, 4716AR

Resumed our explorations this morning, beginning a series of doglegs back to the east. Heading north first, we came upon an area of forest filled with a large number of white oaks (C3). I am told that these are considered sacred by various woodland faiths, so we should let Jhod know of them when next we pass by his temple. Additionally, we came upon a group of wild elk. Having as much meat as we could carry from the owlbear, the rest of the party refrained from trying to hunt them. They were beautiful to behold, and doubtless have a part to play in this wilderness.

Turning south and continuing east, we came upon a massive river (C4). While it had started as a trickle in the area where we fought the owlbear, it expands to a 500’ wide span here. At one point along the side of the river we came upon a massive 10’ tall and 15’ wide boulder that appeared at first to have been carved into the shape of a pair of monstrous statues meant to guard the river. As it turned out, they proved to have once been real creatures, the skeletal remains turned to stone by eons of time and pressure before nature re-exposed them. Certainly a landmark of note for the future, and we have bedded down in their shadow.


fluffybnny saprilovic

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