Starday, 17 Rova, 4716AR

We are now in the business of digging in the earth. We made our way back to the vein of gold we previously discovered. Clearing out the area and establishing a mine took a little time. We also broke ground on a tannery this month. Given the fact that the winter will necessitate the hunting of game and the butchering of some cattle to sustain the people, it makes sense to put the skins and pelts of such animals to good use rather than simply using the carcasses for meat. The weather has already started to cool, and I suspect we might see our first snows as early as next month. It’s good that we were able to get the mine up and running before the topsoil froze.

All told we had to lay out some fourteen thousand crowns to set up the mine and the tannery, but we brought back in another eleven thousand when the harvest proved better than anticipated. We end the month with thirty thousand crowns on hand. I think we are edging closer to bringing in more than we lay out. It is difficult to say at this time how much of a fund we should keep in reserve in case of a crisis. But for now we will not get ahead of ourselves, and we will focus on building up the land we have already claimed. Entem has specifically requested we make good on our promise to him by building a library.

Rabbi Lyon has also had an excellent notion. He has asked Jhod to begin blessing the local farmsteads in order to increase their crop yield this coming spring. It will prove a time-consuming task, but an annual blessing for each farm should be doable.


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