Fireday, 17 Pharast, 4717AR

Spring officially begins in a week, but it still seems a long way off. There is still snow on the ground in places, and the winds coming in off the Tuskwater remain frozen, even if the ice on the lake has softened. Still, Jhod assures us that the weather will have changed enough to begin trying to plant come the equinox. I think it may be a case of people using both the plowing and the celebration of a holiday in order to “will” the season to change. I’m not sure this works, but if it makes them feel better and gets the fields planted, it’s hard to find fault.

As for the difficultly we will face in breaking the ground for plowing? That I can attest to first-hand. In keeping with our effort to improve public sanitation, we have been building a sewer system this month. In addition to being especially back-breaking work in the dead of winter, it has been exorbitantly expensive, costing some twenty-four thousand crowns. This represents more than double our incomes this month, which amounted to an otherwise respectable eleven thousand crowns. I am hopeful that such an investment will prove a wise one, but it will likely be some time before we can confidently say that it has paid off.


fluffybnny saprilovic

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