Wealday, 17 Desnus, 4717AR

Peace and calm have reasserted themselves with the aid of a bit of pomp and ceremony. With our finances in as good of shape as they are, we splurged and constructed a noble villa as a residence for our Duchess. Expensively priced at twenty-four thousand gold crowns, it is to be hoped that its luxury will add an air of prestige and dignity to the Duchess’ reign. We should likely build a town hall in the not-too-distant future to ensure that the actual work of governance is given equal weight. We only brought in eight thousand gold crowns for the month, so it may take a couple more months to make up the expense of the villa’s construction. And a town hall is likely to cost a similar amount, which is fitting given the importance of showing that the state and its sovereign are of equal importance.

Further, the magical craftsmen constructed a magnificent cloak for Duchess Morrigan, melding protective magicks with the same owlbear motif found in her headdress. While the sale did not add to the treasury, we hope that it will prove useful both as a symbol of her status, and as protection when we get back on the road. That latter event could be as soon as next month, and I for one am looking forward to it.


fluffybnny saprilovic

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