Oathday, 24 Pharast, 4716AR

The ongoing thefts at the hands of the fey have driven us to distraction, and we are working on a corrective. The goblin Ce Me No is currently cooking up some sugared sweets, as the creatures are known to be receptive to “gifts.” Tōgg is working on a letter to accompany the “candy.” Morrigan would seem the obvious choice for penning a winning letter. However, it appears that her anger about her necklace continues to cloud her judgement. Certainly something that will need an eye kept on it in the future. If a great soul is mercurial enough to be moved to pettiness and spite by so small an irritant, it constitutes a glaring weakness and possible point of manipulation. Toughening up may be called for.

Continued southeast today and came upon a pack of wild horses in the grasslands (A21), about sixty head all together. Tōgg named them König horses based on their striped brown coats. They skittered away as we approached. Interestingly, they seemed less discomfited by Ce Me No than the rest of us. We have left out the sweets and the letter for the fey after making camp.

Wealday, 23 Pharast, 4716AR

Our sleep was briefly interrupted in the middle of the night. A pair of mites came upon us during Ce Me No’s watch. They had climbed up into some trees to pelt us with rocks. They proved more an annoyance than anything else. A single sling stone and a missile of magical force were enough to drop both of them out of the trees, and the fall was quite enough to finish the job. It’s possible they could be nuisance to farmers or other homesteaders in the future, so we will need to get them under control. Whether we physically drive them out or reach some sort of accord, neither path is likely to result in many heroic tales or legends. But the work is probably necessary anyway.

Nishi decided to remain with the shrine and the statue for the time being. She claims she must do more work to make the sanctified site ready for future use. We will rejoin with her either at Oleg’s, or at some other point on the map as directed by Poe the raven. Hopefully we won’t find ourselves sorely missing her healing powers and the fighting skills of her reptile in the immediate future.

The fey have gone into overdrive with their petty theft. They have made off with my other bar of soap, a feather from Poe, a spot from Tōgg’s leopard Emily and a dagger from Morrigan. Something will need to be done before we find ourselves wandering naked through the wilderness.

We travelled southwest today and came upon several chunks of shed skin (A20). Based on the size (about 12 feet square each) and coloration, it seems likely that the great serpent we previously encountered either has kin in the area, or counts a very large area as its hunting grounds. In either case, we likely have no choice but to hunt down the great creatures before the area will ever truly be “safe.”

Toilday, 22 Pharast, 4716AR

Headed southeast today and came upon a truly wondrous sight – a unicorn (A19). We only saw it from a distance, but I would relish the chance to return and look for it anew. It would be unconscionable to kill or enslave such a creature, but if we were to befriend it, it might consent to bear Morrigan on its back for some momentous occasion. It would likely sway many members of the public to belief in the prophecy of a great soul unifying the land if that leader counts so noble a beast as an ally and supporter. I shall have to work on my foot speed if I mean to run apace of such a creature. Such a run through the grasses holds an undeniable romantic appeal.

Further exploring the area we also came upon a statue of the god Erastil. It had become overgrown with weeds. After praying to it, the druid Nishi eventually came to the conclusion (one suspects Erastil may have been subconsciously beating her over the head) that she should clean it up. After doing so, it appears to have granted a boon to the weapons of my compatriots. A strong hit against a foe is undeniably a good thing, but I find a strong grasp to be far more important. The location might serve well for the establishment of a temple or church moving forward.

Moonday, 21 Pharast, 4716AR

Finally arrived in the far northwest corner of our charter (A18). The land appeared to not only have been grazed down, but was also riddled with prairie dog holes. The warren of tunnels may well go on for miles. Not sure strength of arms or magic can really make such an area fit for civilization. Might simply be better to focus on keeping the little creatures out of the previous area we explored (A17).

Sunday, 20 Pharast, 4716AR

Continued west along our northern border today (A17), and came upon what looks to be prime land for farming, as the 6’ tall grasses speak to its fertility. Nothing else much of interest to relate.

Starday, 19 Pharast, 4716AR

Discovered today that Morrigan has a temper – the little creatures made off with her silver necklace, and she is not taking the theft at all well.

We jagged northeast today and explored an area full of black oak trees (A16). Depth perception can be an issue when distinguishing the size and altitude of birds. Feared for a moment we had come upon the roc, but it proved to be a gyre falcon instead. We also came upon the remains of a troop of soldiers. I find it deeply unpleasant (and a violation of my vows) to break the sanctity of a burial site, but Tōgg felt the need to disturb the bodies. The haunted souls lurched back to life, and we were once again forced to flee for our lives. Quite the mighty heroes we are proving to be. Clearly we are in need of some seasoning up.

Fireday, 18 Pharast, 4716AR

Fear confirmed – the little creatures have now made off with my iron pot. I will now not only be eating with my hands, but eating my rice cold. We finished exploring the land of raspberries and honey (A14) before continuing west. The area was grasslands (A15), but had nothing else particularly worthy of note.

Oathday, 17 Pharast, 4716AR

Went back to the northwest today (A15) and came upon an area covered in flowers, hay and lots of honey bees. We cut our exploration short as the druid doubled back after catching sight of some diminutive fey. We eventually caught up with them back by the trees – one a diminutive dragon with butterfly wings, and the other an odd mix of female and grasshopper form. They claimed responsibility for the petty theft, as well as the death of the trapper we encountered yesterday. By their account, he was as much a bastard as we thought he might be, and they gave him what he deserved. Morrigan’s attempt to sweet talk them proved insufficient, and they darted off into the trees. I fear they will continue to dog our steps. The thefts are annoying, but their willingness to appoint themselves judge, jury and executioner of a humanoid is more worrisome.

Wealday, 16 Pharast, 4716AR

Backtracked due west and ventured into the woods for the first time today (A14), and found several things. Albino raspberries for one. Will check with Svetlana to see if she has any culinary use for them.

We also came upon a dozen and a half bear traps. They appeared to have been set up densely in order to inflict maximum carnage on the local wildlife. We disarmed them and added them to our packs. There is a clear difference between domesticating and decimating the wilderness.

As it turned out, karma has a sense of humor (and possibly an accomplice). We discovered the body of a human male a short distance away to the southwest (A14a), crushed to death under a deadfall trap that he appeared to have been in the process of rigging. The accomplice comment comes in based on the fact that the ropes securing the trap appears to have been sabotaged by someone using either teeth or claws. Perhaps my friend the wolf keeps himself busy during the day as an avenger of wilderness depredations?

We found the trapper’s axe (which was particularly well-made) lodged in a tree stump nearby.

Toilday, 15 Pharast, 4716AR

We dog-legged southeast today, entering a grassy region just on the edge of a great forest (A13). We came upon a massive feather – a good 10lbs, and about 6 feet in length. Nishi informs us that the most likely source is a gargantuan bird of prey known as a roc. While we are in no rush to face such a creature, I suspect we will have to eventually. It would be difficult to encourage farmers to make a go of a region where a bird can swoop in and carry off their livestock.

We have headed back to Oleg’s to restock our provisions, but are heading back out first thing in the morning.


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