Moonday, 14 Pharast, 4716AR

Continued on our western trek along the northern border of our charter, exploring an area with a lot of rocks shaped like prairie dogs (A12). I have heard stories of creatures that can turn victims to stone with a gaze. I suspect the demon chicken (I am told it is called a “cockatrice”) we fought may have consigned several victims to such a fate – but we were not among them. I rushed in, grabbed it and pinned its wings back. Nishi the druid seemed to have aspirations at making a pet (thrall might be a better term) of the thing, but the rest of us rejected the idea and killed the foul beast.

Sunday, 13 Pharast, 4716AR

This time the bastards have stolen my chopsticks! This must not stand! I’ll try to suffer the indignity of eating my rice with my hands for the rest of this leg of our trip with grace, but I make no promises. So, a javelin, chopsticks, trail rations and a bar of soap? These thieves are planning to throw the worst party ever judging by what they’ve stolen.

We continued west today and explored the area (A11), coming across several large boulders. We caught sight of an overlarge greatsword embedded into the top of one them. I scaled the boulder and extracted it, revealing a tomb within. Like the sword, it appeared to be the tomb of a giant, though it lacked a head. We took the sword, but I put my foot down on further disturbing or looting a burial site.

Starday, 12 Pharast, 4716AR

Travelled due west today along the northern border of our charter area, and explored the area (A10). Nothing much of interest to report, though the druid is the latest victim of petty theft, having lost some trail rations.

Fireday, 11 Pharast, 4716AR

Apparently the presence of the wolf was not enough to discourage our kleptomaniacal tormentors. The bastards have stolen a bar of my soap! Thankfully for my vow of cleanliness, I always carry a spare.

Explored the area in the far northeast corner of our charter area today (A9) and narrowly averted disaster. Came upon the lair of a gigantic serpent. We wisely decided that discretion was the better part of valor and withdrew. But make no mistake, civilization cannot truly be safe in this land so long as the beast remains. I intend to refocus my training and meditations, and perhaps Falayna will grant me the skill and power to defeat such a beast – then they shall say that Sister Scarlet was truly one of Her sacred Tetori. A mere humanoid standing against nature’s great and terrible wrestler with naught but her hands, her skill and her cunning? A minor legend perhaps, but one to quicken the heart of any Sister of Falayna.

The wolf appears to have made up his mind – his sleeping arrangements now include my prayer mat and my body heat. I confess, pack sleeping arrangements are both comfortable and comforting. We just have the smallest pack possible at this point.

Oathday, 10 Pharast, 4716AR

Treachery! We awoke to find that one of Tōgg’s javelins had been stolen. Unlikely that bandits are responsible, as it would make no sense for them to take just that one item and nothing else. We will keep our eyes open, as this seems another instance of the wilderness itself watching us. As if to validate this theory, we were pelted with acorns later, but were unable to spot a culprit. We made camp after travelling northwest (A9), and intend to explore the area in the morning.

When the wolf returned this evening to beg for food, he decided to make himself fully at home, curling up at my side for the remainder of the evening. Perhaps this makes us a pack of some sort. The others insist that I should “name” the wolf, but this idea seems offensive to the soul. The animal is not a child, nor a mere pet, but a free and wild spirit. If it has a true name of its own, let it keep its secret and be known only as “the wolf.” We shall see if it has any appetite for the hunt in the future, either to aid us, or to find its own food. The world changes, and those who cannot change with it face a hard road.

Wealday, 9 Pharast, 4716AR

As we took to the road this morning, Restan let us know of another bandit by the name of Falgrim. This Falgrim apparently robbed Restan and his three man crew on their way in. We will keep an eye peeled for him. As we travelled back past Bokken’s hut, we learned he is willing to provide a discount on his wares if we can provide him with some fangberries. This task is apt to take some time, as they are said to grow over 50 miles to the south.

After leaving Bokken behind, we came upon a “rich” vein of fool’s gold (A8). It supposedly has utility in the construction of a class of weapons known as “firearms,” so we took the time to harvest it.

The wolf returned tonight, extra hungry, so I gave him a double ration. This time he sat and ate within arm’s reach, and even submitted to being nuzzled for a brief instant before retreating back into the dark.

Toilday, 8 Pharast, 4716AR

We took a day to rest and replenish our supplies (soap and trail rations for me). We also sold most of the items we found in our exploits, netting each of us 312 gold crowns (as well a silver link and a pair of copper bits for smaller purchases).

Kesten asked me to spar with his men. Believing the contest to be unfair, I insisted on facing both Frick and Frack at the same time. This gave me the chance to try some advanced pinning techniques – successfully tying both of them up using the other’s limbs. Thereafter, Scooby complained of an old injury and declined to face me. One might think he had inexplicably become afraid. I suspect Kesten might be made of sterner stuff than his men. I intend to find time to train with him later should our duties allow it.

We also gathered a bit of gossip about some of the other groups issued writs by the regent in Brevoy. Apparently they are likewise hard at work – I am unclear how much we should consider ourselves brothers and sisters in arms, and how much competitors or rivals. The Brevic have a term called “frenemy” which I do not fully understand, but I’m told it may apply in this case.

Our fifth has finally joined us – a half elf, half human by the name of Tōgg. A warrior of the local barbarian tribes, he has somehow also come by magical schooling, training in the ways of wizards. He also travels with a raven he names Poe, which he calls his “familiar,” and a great cat he calls Emily.

My “familiar” did not return while we were at the trading post. It would seem his comfort with me does not extend to comfort with other humanoids and civilization in general. It seems an apt reminder that bringing “civilization” to this region will come at a cost.

Moonday, 7 Pharast, 4716AR

Looping back northwest towards Oleg’s this morning, we came upon a somewhat addled hermit by the name of Bokken (A7). Age and tragedy seem to have both preyed upon his mind. Even so he managed to fast talk my companions into trading a perfectly good sword for a couple of empty vials. Note to self – must take duties as treasurer more seriously, lest my companions beggar our company through seat of the pants bad deals. That said, Bokken did offer to sell them consumable curatives and other potions in the future. He also told us a rather long and somewhat disjointed narrative about his younger brother, who he deeply dislikes.

We made our way back to Oleg’s by the end of the day, providing Svetlana with her hoped for turnips. I suspect I will see more of my new wolf “friend” when next we head out. I feel like we are on the precipice of insight (levelling up), but such has not happened yet. Another interesting sort arrived at the trading post the day we left: a holy man named Jhod Kavhen. His past is a mystery at this point, but we will try to learn more about him in the future.

Sunday, 6 Pharast, 4716AR

Today’s exploration (A6) yielded nothing terribly interesting. The grasslands proved placid, and should make for good grazing in the future. The wolf returned and ate once again, and this time he finally got close enough to take the trail ration from my hand. He shied away immediately after but I have no doubt I shall see him again.

Starday, 5 Pharast, 4716AR

We continued east today but ended up taking a southerly tack after we spied the lone claw-like dead tree on a hill that the scrap of map led us to (A5). After a bit of digging, we turned up a small cache that included a nicely made dagger, a silver ring, a slender stick, and a spellbook, meaning that we should be wary of the bandits having magical firepower as we move against them. The slender stick is apt to be a wand, though we have yet to unlock its secrets.

The wolf returned for a third time this evening. He once again happily ate one of our trail rations. He won’t take it from my hand yet, but he gets closer and more comfortable each time.


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